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AC/DC solar water pump
AC/DC solar water pump
AC/DC solar water pump
AC/DC solar water pump

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AC/DC solar water pump


    1:Solar energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, especially suitable for irrigation, fountain, pond and water conveyance in sunny areas without power grid.

    2:AC/DC switch is available

    3:Power: 1.5kw一11kw    

    4:Rotation Speed:>6000rpm 

    5:Max flow:>40m³/h


    1:MPPT function for DC part, can achieve efficiency more than 99% 

    2:PFC (Power Factor Correction) function for AC part,can make power factor over 0.99

    3:Dry running protection



    1Produced by most advanced high-speed punching line

    2Permanent magnetic brushless DC motor, imported bearing


    1Anti-rust, wear-resistant and high precision

    2100% high precision rotor fault detection test

    3Welded stainless steel rotor shaft

    Motor Body: 

    1The stainless steel 304,is used as the main material for the pump

    2:Using the advanced laser welding machine, components can be well welded

    Pump Body:

    1Adopting original Japanese-imported casting line

    2High strength and corrosion resistant

    3Stainless steel pump body

    AC/DC Switch:

    1:Automatically or manually switch AC power and DC power

    2:Combined with water level detection function, automatically controlling the pump.

    3:Three modes: AC mode, DC mode, Auto mode

    AC mode: Pump will only work under AC power

    DC mode: Pump will only work under DC power

    Auto mode: DC power is prioritized, when DC input voltage is lower than 40V, switch to AC power automatically, when DC power exceeds 60V, reswitch to DC power.

    Water level sensor, connection wire and MC4 connector

    Market: 100% export, sold more than 50 million units to more than 100 countries



    Original Japanese imported sand processing line

    Original Japanese imported automatic molding machine

    Automatic wiring machine

    Double spindle lathe

    CNC precision automatic line for shaft

    CNC fashioning machine center

    TAIFU is one of the first and biggest solar pump manufacture, supplier from China.

  • 4GS series AC/DC convertible energy saving pump features:

  • 1. Phase-lack operation

  • 2. Wide voltage

  • 3. High speed:>6000rpm

  • 4. High head:>2times higher than normal pump

  • 5. Dry-running protection

  • 6. Convenient using: both AC and DC power available

  • 7. High efficiency and energy saving: permanent magnetic brushless DC motor

  • 8. High corrosion resistant: complete stainless steel material

  • 9. Big flow: max flow>40m³/h

  • 10. Small volume: half volume of normal pump

  • 11. External controller available, water level sensor available

  • 12. 100% copper wire, # 304 stainless steel shaft

    13. Advanced intelligent controller with MPPT technology

    14. Overload protection function, running without phase

    15. AC/DC controller is optional and can provide AC and DC power supply;

    16. Connected water level sensor

    17. 100% test for motor, controller and integral water pump

    18. Easy installation and maintenance free

    19. 3-year warranty and technical support

    20. CE certificate

    21. Visit the solar water pump agent and conduct technical training every year

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